3-piece syringes

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These syringes are often designed for special indications and provide safety for the user as well as the patient. Trust at the highest level!


Product Description

  • 3-piece syringes are used for injecting medications using standard and specialised techniques
  • The transparent barrel ensures the controlled administration of the medication
  • Smooth-glide plunger ensures painless injection with no jerking
  • Latex-free plunger seal reduces the risk of allergic reactions
  • Clearly legible graduation for safe, reliable dosage
  • Secure plunger stop prevents loss of medication
  • Broad range of needle fittings (Luer Slip, Luer Lock and catheter tip) provides a range of choices, depending on the indication
  • The product range of high volume syringes includes special models:
    • Catheter-tip syringes with Luer Slip adapter
    • Syringes for use in all perfusion pumps

Medical grade materials (safety tested):

  • All syringes and needles are latexfree
  • Syringes:
    • Barrel, plunger – polypropylene
    • Plunger seal – medical grade rubber
    • Lubricant – silicone oil
  • Needles:
    • Hub and protective cap – polypropylene
    • High quality steel with high chrome-nickel content, manufactured in compliance with AISI standards
    • Needle/ hub bonding – epoxy resin


  • Blister/box/carton


  • Conforms to ISO 7886, ISO 7864 standards


  • Ethylene oxide

Shelf life:

  • 5 years


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