Injection needles

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The injection needles made by Vogt Medical are produced according to ISO standards and are applicable for all indications. Needles are available in all standard sizes and are marked according to the internationally accepted colour code. The triple bevel of the needle enables smooth tissue penetration and reduces tissue damage.


Product Description

  • Injection needles are used together with syringes, transfusion and infusion sets for the injection of medications, for taking blood and for blood transfusion
  • The triple bevel and the highly polished surface of the needle enables smooth tissue penetration and reduces tissue damage
  • The range of needle tip bevels (regular, short, intradermal) enable selection of the needle for every treatment according to the needs of the patient:
    • Standard bevel for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
    • Short bevel for intravenous and intra-arterial injections and for peripheral nerve block
    • Intradermal bevel for injection of medications between the epidermis and the dermis
  • Colour-coded hub for easy identification of needle size
  • For use with Luer Slip and Luer Lock hubs

Medical grade materials (safety tested):

  • Hub and protective cap: polypropylene
  • Needle: high-quality steel with high chrome-nickel content, manufactured in compliance with AISI standards
  • Needle: hub bonding – epoxy resin


  • Blister/box/carton


  • Conforms to ISO 7864, ISO 6009 standards


  • Ethylene oxide


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