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Sterile Latex, Powder-Free Surgical Gloves
Your top and premium choice of latex surgical powderfree gloves. Supreme donning and best !t for all kind of
surgery with excellent !nger sensitivity.

Enhanced MLPC Technology for Safety and Comfort
Adventa Health had invented a very Unique Multilayered Polymer Coating which enhanced and presents an incredible donning experience for the user, even during double donning.

Surface of all Adventa Health surgical gloves is specially treated with micro-textured surface to enhance slip-resistance for extra grip and control during surgical procedures.

Anatomical Design
Each pair of Adventa Health gloves is anatomically designed. The curved !ngers follow the natural finger shapes at rest to reduce fatigue and !nger dexterity, even during rigorous procedures.

Excellent Double Donning/Damp Donning
The special ergonomically designed mould produce glove of high comfort. The multilayered coating enable excellent double donning and damp hand donning with moisture absorbent.


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