Become member of our team

This is the place where we will inform you about our needs for human resources.

You can submit your application where you should express your interest in working for our company.
Please send your CV with the letter of recommendation to:

  1. E-mail office email(at) and enter the subject (Subject) “Application for a job ”
    You can send your application as Word document or PDF document as an attachment to the message
  2. Regular mail to the address Radakom Ltd. Španskih boraca 14, 11070 Novi Beograd with indication “Application for the job”

    Please note the following details in writing CV:

    1. Write a concise CV
    2. Enter your personal data and contact information
    3. Provide your formal and informal education
    4. Provide your work experience

      We will notify you about results as soon as possible.

      What we offer is good working conditions, fair attitude and teamwork.

      Thank you for your application. We look forward to future cooperation.