Catgut GmbH

The traditional history of Catgut GmbH dates back to 1906.

The grandfather of today’s Managing Director and owner of Catgut GmbH Mr Walter Doelling founded the company as an import and whole-sale business for suitable sheep intestine. In 1923 he started the production of sterile surgical sutures, in particular catgut.

In 1965 Mr Norman Bruecker, diploma engineer, took over grandfather’s business after his successful graduation and managed it until the time of expropriation in 1972. The former owner – now a state employed company director – managed the nationally owned enterprise until 1980, when it was forced to merge with VEB Catgut. The fused companies were the biggest and sole suture manufacturers in the GDR and supplied all local hospitals as well as other companies using sutures.

In 1992 Mr Norman Brueckner obtained the company from the trust holder and thus laid the foundation for a permanent development of Catgut GmbH and its products.

In 1996 Catgut GmbH aquired a daughter company, the TNI Chirurgisches Nadelwerk GmbH Ichtershausen. Because of this development we were able to accomplish production by making not only surgical eyed needles but also drilled needles.

In 1997 Catgut GmbH moved into a new and modern production plant in the industrial area of Markneukirchen and left the historical and traditional family building.

The integration of sophisticated technology and production were the essential precondition for the company’s certification under EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC 2007 and the guidelines 93/42 EEC resp. 2007/47 EC.

Today the product range of Catgut GmbH comprises of various synthetic absorbable sutures as well as of a number of non-absorbable sutures, it also includes special products like the Ileus decompression tube.

Catgut GmbH is a stable partner of health insitutions all over the world today.
Our credo „Reference before life“ (Albert Schweitzer) shows that the central point of company’s interest are people, people using our products, patients and our staff.